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Control panels

A control panel is needed to feed electric power not only at the gateway but also to distribute the wiring to the motors. Some of the items found in a control panel are the capacitors, transformers, ICs and the circuit boards.

Radio remote controls

Remotes are the very essence of having gate automation. Remote keys make it convenient for drivers to operate the automated gates from the comfort of their car. Our remotes are radio controlled, which eliminate the need of pointing it towards the gate.

Digital keypads

With the help of digital keypads, you can give any visitor the authorisation to enter your premises. Whether the person is your friend, colleague, or a relative, a simple key combination input let them enter your premises without any hassle.

CAME keyswitch

Our CAME keyswitch lets you unlock your automated gate electronically with the help of a key, as used in traditional gates. Extra or duplicate keys can also be made by a qualified locksmith for backup. We serve across Staffordshire.

Magnetic key reader

This is a type of gate key that unlocks, only when an authentic key reader is entered in the slot of the gate. This magnetic reader is coded with a specific code that matches the one programmed in the key reader. It’s ideal for commercial switching solutions.

Push button and timer

This is a mode of gate entrance security, where weatherproof push buttons are installed on both sides of the gates. It’s convenient and effective. At times when there are unauthorised visitors, the timeswitch cuts off the push buttons, and they will need to use other secure modes of entry to your premises.

Induction loop

This type of gate entry system is made up of a roughly rectangular shaped wire loop, laid repeatedly around a rectangle to create a coil. It’s followed by a miniature magnetic induction field that is created above, which responds to all kinds of metallic car bodies. These loops can be installed both on the inside and outside of your gates for free entrance and exit.

Coin operator

This automatic accessory makes use of grooved tokens that are given out or sent to specific users. They need to put these coins or tokens inside the gate slot for entry to the premises. They are also called token readers.

Card reader

It’s a common type of access control that reads cards. These cards are slotless, stainless steel touchplates that are weatherproof. They are read instantly and effortlessly, as opposed to manual gate opening mechanisms.

Audible intercoms

This is a two-way intercommunication system that connects the speech signal on both ends. Through this method, you’ll be able to communicate with your visitor remotely in the comfort of your home.

Visual intercoms

This method provides you with a facility to actually see the visitor before you decide to speak to them. This may involve extra lighting at your gate and may cost you a bit more, but this allows more control over your security.

Safety photocells

These are infra-red safety beams that transmit infra-red signals up to 18 metres in outdoor conditions. They are installed on both sides of the gates so that a safety zone is created around the them. The closing and opening of the gates is controlled by the signals received by the transmitter.

Electric lock

An electric latch can be installed that will prevent the possibility of long-term damage to the gates. It will also remove the wear and strain on “closed-in” gates caused by strong wind. It can be manually opened by a key during a power failure.

AES Cellcom Prime GSM Audio Intercom

The AES range of GSM intercom systems allow you to speak with callers directly on your mobile phone anywhere in the world, from your mobile you can then choose to either open the gate or door or hang up the call without visitors knowing if you are at home or not.

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